Expertise In The Manufacture, Conversion & Supply Of Foam For All Industries

Established as a privately owned SME in 1995, Ramfoam operates two sites in Oldbury (including our main site and dedicated Ramfoam Care facility) which serve the UK and Europe, and one in Dubai, UAE, which serves the Middle East.

Our manufacturing facility in the UK covers a total work area of 30,000 square feet, while the Dubai facility has a total work area of 12,000 square feet. The Ramfoam Care+ Protective Visor is being manufactured in a dedicated new 95,000 square feet facility based in Oldbury.

Ramfoam’s customer-centric approach nurtures loyalty, continuity and sustained growth in every industry we work with, and our commitment to capturing and delivering to our clients’ unique requirements makes us the partner of choice.

Find out more about the industries we work with below:


Our foam products for the automotive industry offer lightweight functionality and durability.
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Lightweight and highly flame-retardant foam products for use in the construction of civil, business and military aircraft.
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The construction industry relies heavily on the numerous benefits offered by polyethylene foam.
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Safe, secure and brand-conscious foam packaging for a broad range of electronic products.
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Innovative and multi-functional polyethylene foam products for the healthcare and support sectors.
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Low water absorption and permeability performance makes our foams ideal for floatation, buoyancy, protection and durability for the marine industry, as well as being lightweight and resistant to algae and fungus.
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Mission-critical foam packaging to ensure protection, performance and durability for products in the military and defence sectors worldwide.
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Effective premium foam protection for the display, storage and transportation of museum items.
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Protection and point-of-sale products for prestige packaging and product display in retail markets.
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Sports and Leisure

Foam is used in a multitude of sport and leisure applications, from personal impact protection to swimming buoyancy aids.
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Our foam products assist in the smooth passenger ride and comfort over the lifetime of mass transit systems, as well as reducing maintenance costs with superior gaskets and seals that avoid compression and seal failure.
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