Closed and open cell polyurethane and polyethylene foam sheets and inserts

Plastazote and Evazote

Ramfoam is one of the world's principle converters of Plastazote and Evazote from Zotefoams plc, the world’s leading manufacturer of closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene and eva block foams.

Zotefoams use a unique three-stage nitrogen expansion manufacturing process to create foams with high purity, consistent density, controlled cell size and very low odour. These foams out-perform other grades that are manufactured from the same polymers and density, and there are no chemical residues or remnants of blowing agents that potentially cause corrosion, unpleasant odours or impairment of physical performance. Vibrant colours and various cell size make these aesthetically appealing foams, while their non-toxic, impact-absorbing, lightweight, firm and rigid properties make them ideal for numerous applications. Whilst LDPE is by far the largest polymer used, HDPE, EVA, and Metallocene0based polymers compliment the range. Densities range from 15kgs/m3 to 115kgs/m3. Additives added to the process allow grades to have flammability and conductive or static dissipative properties.

The unique manufacturing process allows new polymers to be foamed. PVDF, Polyamide (Nylon 6 and 66) and Pebax are all relatively new polymers that are being expanded into foam blocks under the trade names of Zotek F, Zotek N and Pebaxfoam. Zotek F (PVDF) is an inherently flame-retardant foam which releases very little heat and only small amounts of smoke during combustion. It exhibits high temperature and high chemical resistance. Zotek N (Polyamide) is the world’s first nylon foam with temperature resistance in excess of 200C, as well as offering excellent resistance to hydrocarbons, oils, greases, alcohols and ketones. Pebaxfoam is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) foam that is closed cell and lightweight. The outstanding mechanical properties of Pebaxfoam offer exceptional impact-absorbing capability.

Ethafoam and Stratocell

Closed cell un-cross-linked polyethylene foams are 100% recyclable and offer excellent value for all your packaging requirements; when EPS is unsuitable, un-cross-linked PE foams prove their worth. Our core grades are Ethafoam and Stratocell, with other manufacturer’s grades also readily available.Ethafoam is a high performance, extruded, un-laminated plank and a premium brand product. Recognised the world over in-flight case hardware, military, electronic, automotive packaging, they range in density from 25kgs/m3 to 144kgs/m3. Anti-static and flame-retardant variants are available in certain densities, predominantly in black and white aesthetics.

Stratocell is a cost effective, quality multi laminate extruded sheet product, available in densities from 25kgs/m3 to 65kgs/m3. Anti-static pink variants and a high-density thin foam laminate complete the range of current products available.Packaging solutions are supported by our design service and, in certain circumstances, our testing of multiple drop conditions.

Closed cell cross linked blocks

We procure chemically blown blocks and rolls of PE foam from a variety of global manufacturers, including Sekisui Alveo, Palziv and OK Company. Our block foam ranges in density from 25kgs/m3 to 250kgs/m3, and is available in a variety of bright colours. These foams exhibit a fine uniform closed-cell structure that offers an attractive and pleasant texture appearance.

They are inert and non-toxic, whilst being CFC and HCFC free. Rolls, sheets and multi-layer laminated blocks, manufactured from physically cross-linked closed-cell PE foam, exhibit all the properties and attributes of the above, but with the exception of being slightly coarser in cell structure. Physically irradiated closed-cell, cross-linked foam is available in densities ranging from 25kgs/m3 to 330kgs/m3 and thicknesses as low as 0.2mm.

Open cell polyurethane foams


Our extensive range of open-cell polyurethane foams are designed to complement our closed-cell product range. These products are less expensive, whilst offering suitable integrity for the packaging of fragile items. Various densities, colours and hardness of foams are available, along with the additional processing capability of supplying convoluted (eggbox) sheets, pads or die cuts.