Ethafoam & Stratocell Polyethylene Foam

Ethafoam & Stratocell

Closed cell un cross linked polyethylene foams are 100% recyclable and offer excellent value for all your packaging requirements. When EPS is unsuitable, Un cross linked PE foams prove their worth. Our core grades are Ethafoam & Stratocell, whilst other manufacturers grades are readily available.

Ethafoam and Stratocell are trade names of Sealed Air Ltd.

When EPS is unsuitable, un-cross linked PE foams prove their worth. Our core stock grades are Ethafoam & Stratocell, whilst other manufacturer’s grades are readily available.

Ethafoam is a high performance extruded un- laminated plank, premium brand product. Recognised the world over in flight case hardware, military, electronic, automotive packaging, they range in density from 25kgs/m3- 144kgs/m3 density. Anti- static and flame retardant variants are available in certain densities, with black and white colours predominating. Ethafoam otherwise referred to as closed cell un- cross linked polyethylene foam, is 100% recyclable and offers excellent value for all your packaging requirements...

Ethafoams unique properties make it the perfect solution for providing cushioned support for all your packaged goods. It can be easily cut to size and protects your items safely and controllably during transit ensuring no damage to even the most fragile item. Ethafoam displays the following properties -

  • Shock absorbency
  • Dampens vibrations
  • Insulation and thermal conductivity
  • Water resistant
  • Lightweight for buoyancy uses
  • Cushioned support
  • Flexible
  • Non abrasive
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Heat resistance
  • Tear resistance
  • Environmentally friendly due to its recyclable and reusable abilities

With its unique closed cell formulation, Ethafoam is strong, durable and extremely resilient. Commonly used to package and support electronic items such as computers and laptops, as well as TVs and other fragile electronics.

Although it performs and remains stable at certain temperatures, Ethafoam will soften when subjected to high heat temperatures in excess of 70 degrees Celsius, which means it becomes unsuitable to provide shock absorbency for heavy fragile items.

Ethafoam is safe and superbly environmentally friendly. When it needs to be disposed of, it doesn't need to end up in the landfill mass, but instead can be recycled into new plastic products.

Stratocell is a cost effective, quality multi laminate extruded sheet product available in densities from 25kgs/m3- 65kgs/m3. Anti-static pink variants and a high density thin foam laminate complete the rage of current products available. Stratocell is a strong foam product offering superb protection of packaging during transit. Stratocell is customisable to colour, thickness, shape and size, it offers a versatile solution for manufacturers that require a tailored specification to fit perfectly and secure their end products.

Extra strength can be achieved with the addition of an extra layer of polyethylene film. Stratocell is also available in an anti-static form and in dual colour combination, where the top layer is a desirable contrasting colour choice. Anti- static Stratocell can be designed as a protective tray template which is popular to encase highly sensitive electronic equipment. Used widely to support electronics and hardware within their outer packaging case, Stratocell is reliably shock absorbent.

Like Ethafoam, Stratocell is lightweight and buoyant with waterproof resistant qualities to make it ideal for sports equipment.

With multiple design solutions possible, hinged foam cut outs with snug corners to keep even the most delicate pieces of equipment tightly in place. With both Ethafoam and Stratocell displaying a un- cross linked structure, they can be easily reused and recycled, which is perfect after the foam has served its single purpose in getting items safely from factory to supplier to customer. Polyethylene foam can be recycled into foam multiple times until it will eventually show any degradation in its structure.

Packaging solutions can be aided with our design service and in certain circumstances multiple drop condition testing is available. Clever design permits these foams to compete with many conventional foams, corrugated fitments, Polyurethane foams, Expanded Polystyrene to offer a superior packaging design, within the constraints of affordability.