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Custom foam For packaging, protection, insulation, sealing and inserts

Medical and Health Care

Ramfoam provides innovative, effective and multi-functional polyethylene foam products to the healthcare and support sectors. Our products are:

  • Lightweight
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-degradable
  • Humidity tolerant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • MRI,CT & X-RAY lucent ( Plastazote & Evazote grades)
  • Non-irritant

Our medical-grade foam products are available in a wide range of densities and stiffnesses, from firm, hard and rigid through to soft, flexible and compliant.

Primary healthcare sector applications include:

  • Pediatrics
  • Prosthetics
  • Orthotics
  • Accessories

Whilst we offer bespoke products, we also supply sheets and panels for our customers to process to their own clients’ requirements. Plastazote and Evazote are easily manually thermo formable, making these foams the technician’s material of choice.

Packaging of medical and emergency equipment, mobile medical electronic equipment, surgical instrument control and transportation and medical devices are all applications that greatly benefit from the integrity of our foam.

Plastazote Evazote


Ramfoam plays an integral part in the construction and continual maintenance of aircraft by supplying dunnage and line-side packaging. Our products support the manufacture of engines and structures, maintenance packaging kits and after-market kits, as well as the visual tool management systems that every maintenance engineer requires. Rolls Royce, Airbus, AgustaWestland are amongst the industry leaders who use Ramfoam products daily.

Our products are lightweight and highly flame retardant for use within the construction of civil, business and military aircraft. They offer low water absorption and permeability, low odour, as well as providing energy absorbency, excellent insulation and life-long durability. Standard grades of Plastazote are resistant to cockpit radiation exposure. We also offer Static Dissipative and Conductive grades of foams for ESD applications.

We offer superior quality aviation grade foams for:

  • Airframe
  • Interior
  • Packaging


aerospace foam aviation grade foams

Retail Packaging

For product protection and point of sale, our foams are being increasingly used for prestige packaging and display. The extensive colour range, combined with various cell size and lightweight characteristics, make these aesthetically pleasing foams favoured by many leading designers. The foam’s quality and purity and consistency, as well as a choice of hardness and density, ensures the enhancement of display and total protection of your select products.

Display applications include:

  • Counter and window display pads
  • Transparent sleeve packs
  • Prestigious product branding
  • Jewellery pads
  • Coins

Protection applications include:

  • Fragrances and perfumes
  • Porcelain and ceramics
  • Jewellery
  • Beverages
  • Cosmetics

Our foam products are available with a shimmering sparkle or matt finish can also be combined with fabric or flock laminates to add appeal. They are often used in combination with packaging materials such as transparent sleeves, printed cartons and boxes.

Transit Packaging

Our foams offer optimum protection and durability for returnable transit packs, cradles, dunnage and line-side packaging. The outstanding performance of these foams for fragile electronic, medical, heavyweight, high value items provides total functionality, while Class A surface protection and electronic-grade foams are provided for ESD protection. Permanently static dissipative, conductive or environmental-dependent anti- static foams offer protection for critical electronic devices, assemblies and equipment.

Benefits include:

  • Good impact absorption
  • Extremely low odour
  • Non-toxic
  • ESD foams
  • Lightweight
retail packaging foam


Ramfoam supply mission-critical packaging to ensure protection, performance and durability to the military and defence sectors worldwide. In these environments, we understand that only the best will do, with foams having to withstand some of the toughest environments in the world. All our military grade materials are tested and certified to MOD specifications, including:

Our military grade materials are tested and certified to MOD specifications

  • DStan 81-116/3, (Grades A, B & C)
  • DStan 81-116/3 Type QX (Grades A,B & C).
  • DStan 81-125/3 for Conductive (CN) foams
  • DStan 93-117 for SD (Static Dissipative) foams.

High impact, high tear strength, high tensile strength and high resistance to compression set, combined with oil and fuel resistance, further adds to the excellent properties of these materials. We also understand that weight is key in the transportation of items, so our foams offer light weight properties which make them ideal for this application.

Applications Include:

  • Bespoke rifle and gun inserts
  • Missile protection cradles
  • Ordinance protection
  • Weapons case inserts
  • Ruggedised case inserts
  • Electronics device protection
military foam military grade foam materials

For high performance protection to include the safety of personnel on the ground, we manufacture:

  • Personnel protection
  • Body Armour, knee pads etc
  • Helmet lining inserts
  • Sleeping Mats
  • Buoyancy devices

These products are manufactured using Visual Management Technology, which avoids accidents and mishaps of tooling or inventory going missing, whilst speeding up efficiency.

Building and Construction

The construction industry relies heavily on the numerous benefits offered by polyethylene foam. In the fields of insulation, sealing and cushioning, we supply products in roll, tape, gasket or seal formats. Additives added to standard grades of polyethylene foam allow them to meet more stringent test requirements, which are available in areas of:

Additives to standard grades of polyethylene foam in order to meet more stringent test requirements are available in areas of:

  • Flammability (DIN 4102 B1/B2)
  • High UV Resistance
  • Superior Compression/Tension characteristics
  • Thermal absorption
  • Sound absorption

From an expansion joint for a car park, a gap filler for concrete, a ridge filler for the roof, a sprung floor foam loader or a curing blanket, polyethylene foam is the versatile material of choice.

Ramfoam supplies foams with or without self-adhesive, and they can easily be used as a substrate for combining and laminating with other materials to offer enhanced properties. Globally, our foams have assisted in the development of multiple technologies within the construction industry.

building and construction foam polyethylene foam

Sports and Leisure

Foam plays an important role in the sports and leisure industries and is used in a multitude of applications from personal impact protection to buoyancy aids.

Ramfoam manufacture and engineer foam for all aspects of the sports and leisure industries. We supply raw materials through to finished products, branded or unbranded, to corporate clients, private and social clubs, schools and universities.

We also supply the British Olympics in many sports including football, cricket, rugby, swimming, equestrian, archery, hockey, aerobics, karate, MMA and judo. Ramfoam is the UK’s premier name in cellular foam engineering.


  • Colourful and safe play mats with or without jigsaw formations
  • Anti-slip
  • Washable surfaces
  • Inert and non-toxic


  • Martial arts mats
  • Anti-fatigue training/gymnasium mats
  • Sports physiotherapy mats
  • Protective overlay tiles for sports floors.
  • Equestrian foam and rubber tiles
  • Body protection
  • Archery targets
  • Canoe buoyancy & seating


  • Seat cushions
  • Camping mats
  • Yoga Bricks
  • Pilates exercise mats
  • Buoyancy aids

All of our items can be personalised by embossing, printing, lasering or micro machining to add a name, logo, safety warnings or instructions for use.

sports and leisure foam cellular foam engineering


Our products assist in the smooth passenger ride and comfort level of mass transit systems. We also help to reduce maintenance costs by providing superior gaskets and seals that avoid compression and seal failure. Their enhanced sealing performance resists penetration of fine particles and wind-driven rain for added protection.

We offer technical foam insulating panels, gaskets and seals for:

  • Rail
  • Tram
  • Metro
  • Bus
  • Coach

Our products conform to FST (Fire Smoke Toxicity) requirements, with certain grades obtaining the new EN45545 standard. We also have the availability to laminate surface finish foils and similar items.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • HVAC seals
  • Gap fillers
  • Acoustic barriers
  • Lighting enclosures
  • LCD/Display gaskets
  • Vibration, damping and isolation
  • Thermal insulation

Our products conform to FST (Fire Smoke Toxicity) requirements, with certain grades obtaining the new EN45545 standard. We also have the availability to laminate surface finish foils and similar items.

transit foam technical foam insulating panels, gasket and seals


Ramfoam understands that the final packaging of electronic products is critical for many reasons, including safety and aesthetics. To ensure the integrity of your products, we have a range of foams that are ESD compliant.

Our Plastazote and Evazote products for electronic devices, assemblies and equipment are available as either Static Dissipative or Conductive grades for long term effectiveness. Their high purity, halogen free, VOC free, 'pinable' qualities ensure they provide outstanding protection.

Our un-cross-linked pink anti-static polyethylene foams offer limited protection for a period of time. These products can be converted from basic panels through to complex routed components.

plastazote foam


Our products offer lightweight, functionality and durability for numerous automotive applications. They exhibit energy absorbency properties, long life durability, low odour, low fogging and low VOC.

Considerable weight reduction is achievable, with numerous grades offering varying levels of flame resistance together with other grades that offer high temperature resistance and excellent resistance to hydrocarbon oils and greases.

All grades offer low water permeability and excellent thermal insulation, and are available in a range of densities and stiffness ranging from soft, flexible to firm, hard and rigid.

Ramfoam’s products are used in areas of:

  • Sealing
  • Insulation
  • Damping
  • Accoustic NVH

They exhibit energy absorbency properties, long life durability, low odour, low fogging and low VOC.

Considerable weight reduction is achievable, with numerous grades offering varying levels of flame resistance together with other grades that offer high temperature resistance combined with excellent resistance to hydrocarbon oils and greases. All grades offer low water permeability and excellent thermal insulation.

  • automotive foam

We supply global OEM manufacturers in Tiers 1, 2 and 3 with foams converted in our factories for typical applications in:.

  • Cabin: door systems, roof systems, HVAC, seating, lighting and sound systems.
  • Engine compartment: energy management systems, insulation and heat shields, vibration pads and NVH
  • Superstructure: lighting, clear vision, fuel tanks, braking and energy recovery systems.

In addition to providing self-adhesive gaskets, seals, strips, washers and tapes, we also supply a wide range of ancillary products primarily in packaging, including:

  • Reusable totes and liners, dunnage for line side packaging.
  • Tool kits and control systems that include Visual Management Technology (VMT)
  • Mechanics mats and kneelers – branded
  • Promotional foam fitments


The low water absorption and permeability performance characteristics of our foams, combined with their lightweight, long-life durability and resistance to algae and fungus, make our polyethylene foams ideally suitable for applications in the marine industry.

Our foams are used for:

  • Life preservers- SOLAS & BS EN 393 approved
  • Floatation
  • Fenders
  • FRP composite structures
  • Sealing
  • Protection

Whether you are a manufacturer of safety at sea equipment and apparel, constructer of FRP crafts, manufacturer of buoys, booms, RIB's, hatch or window seals you will know that polyethylene foam is the versatile lightweight material that performs!

marine foam


Our foams provide premium protection during the storage, transportation and display of museum items, due to the high purity and consistency of Plastazote and Evazote. They are chemically inert with isotropic mechanical properties that contain zero potentially corrosive or staining residues.

Through the unique manufacturing process of high pressure nitrogen impregnation of the foam, solid colour pigmentation is added to the polymer matrix to ensure non-migratory and non-leaching of colour, making it the global foam of choice for the conservation of valuable items.

We typically supply lightweight, soft, medium and rigid durable foams for:

  • Crating and packaging foams
  • Box linings
  • Draw linings
  • Bespoke box and case inserts
  • Book stands
  • Display pillows
  • Display foam inserts
  • Painting support blocks
plastazote foam Evazote foams