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Low water absorption and permeability performance makes our foams ideal for floatation, buoyancy, protection and durability for the marine industry, as well as being lightweight and resistant to algae and fungus.


The low water absorption and permeability performance characteristics of our foams, combined with their lightweight, long-life durability and resistance to algae and fungus, make our polyethylene foams ideally suitable for applications in the marine industry.

Our foams are used for:

  • Life preservers- SOLAS & BS EN 393 approved
  • Floatation
  • Fenders
  • FRP composite structures
  • Sealing
  • Protection

Whether you are a manufacturer of safety at sea equipment and apparel, constructer of FRP crafts, manufacturer of buoys, booms, RIB’s, hatch or window seals you will know that polyethylene foam is the versatile lightweight material that performs!


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Ramfoam uses the most advanced, state-of-the-art processing machinery available for the conversion of polyethylene foam. Our continual investment programme, combined with our extensive material selection and advanced manufacturing processes, enable us to be world leaders in the conversion of polyethylene foams.

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