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Museums & Conservation

Effective premium foam protection for the display, storage and transportation of museum items.

Museums & Conservation

Our foams provide premium protection during the storage, transportation and display of museum items, due to the high purity and consistency of Plastazote and Evazote. They are chemically inert with isotropic mechanical properties that contain zero potentially corrosive or staining residues.

Through the unique manufacturing process of high pressure nitrogen impregnation of the foam, solid colour pigmentation is added to the polymer matrix to ensure non-migratory and non-leaching of colour, making it the global foam of choice for the conservation of valuable items.

We typically supply lightweight, soft, medium and rigid durable foams for:

  • Crating and packaging foams
  • Box linings
  • Draw linings
  • Bespoke box and case inserts
  • Book stands
  • Display pillows
  • Display foam inserts
  • Painting support blocks

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Ramfoam uses the most advanced, state-of-the-art processing machinery available for the conversion of polyethylene foam. Our continual investment programme, combined with our extensive material selection and advanced manufacturing processes, enable us to be world leaders in the conversion of polyethylene foams.

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