Zotefoams Plastazote® & Evazote® Polyethylene Foam

Plastazote & Evazote

Ramfoam is one of the world's principle converters of Plastazote & Evazote from Zotefoams plc, the worlds leading manufacturer of closed cell cross linked polyethylene and eva block foams.

Platazote & Evazote are the trade names of Zotefoams plc

Zotefoams with their unique 3 stage nitrogen expansion manufacturing process offer foams with high purity, consistent density, controlled cell size and very low odour. This family of foams out- perform other grades of foam manufactured from the same polymers and density. There are no chemical residues or remnants of blowing agents that potentially cause corrosion, unpleasant odours or impairment of physical performance. Vibrant colours and various cell sizes make these aesthetically appealing foams. Non- toxic, impact absorbing, lightweight, firm and rigid foams add to the impressive properties exhibited. Whilst LDPE is by far and away the largest polymer used, HDPE, EVA, Metallocene based polymers compliment the range, densities range from 15kgs/m3- 115kgs/m3. Additives to the process allow grades to have flammability and conductive or static dissipative properties.

The unique manufacturing process permits new polymers to be foamed. PVDF, Polyamide (nylon 6 & 66) and Pebax are all relatively new polymers that are being expanded into foam blocks under the trade names of Zotek F, Zotek N and Pebaxfoam. Zotek F (PVDF) is an inherently flame retardant foam which releases very little heat and only small amounts of smoke during combustion. It exhibits high temperature and high chemical resistance. Zotek N (Polyamide) is the world’s first nylon foam with temperature resistance in excess of 200C, excellent resistance to hydrocarbons-oils, greases, alcohols and ketones. Pebaxfoam is thermo-plastic elastomer (TPE) foam that is closed cell and lightweight. Its outstanding mechanical properties offer exceptional impact absorbing properties.

All grades of foam are of a closed cell structure with gases and liquids unable to pass through the foam, thus giving them the ability to perform and function at their optimum. With the foams being a by- product of oil, they possess excellent properties ranging in stiffness, rigidity to softness and flexibility. Excellent chemical resistance, low odour and low toxicity combined with highly controlled density profiles and intense colours. .

The choice of Zotefoams materials with their un-paralleled benefits and characteristics are the key elements in choosing them as the material for providing reliable support in all aspects of packaging. Investing in light weight resilient foam can provide piece of mind and insurance in the prevention of damage to items whilst in transit or storage.

Sports and leisure items such as swim floats and buoyancy aids depend heavily on the foams integrity. The large range of colours ensures the latest fashionable must have seasonal colour is readily available.

Zotefoams family of foams offer the highest level of purity and are essential in Medical packaging of implants and surgical instruments. The integrity of the cell and its uniform size ensures optimum surface protection and no particulate contamination. MRI, X-Ray, CT Lucent and no VOC’s ensures they are the industry’s foam of choice.

Used in theatre and costume to extensively make stage props and theatrical masks, the vast Zotefoams range of grades and colours are the ultimate versatile material which can easily be adhered to wood, metal and fabrics. Using high quality Plastazote & Evazote makes all the difference with its long lasting durable capabilities.

The preservation of antiques and artefacts in Museums and Conservation, benefit from the non-toxic, odourless, non-corrosion characteristics of the foams. Whether it is storage, display or transportation there is no better product than Plastazote for the absolute preservation of a priceless work of art!